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He has bright, blue-grey eyes, a big nose, and a stubbly haircut. His manner is sometimes humorous, often sad, always gentle.Eight years ago he moved from his old home in Pendlebury (which is part of the Manchester sprawl) to the village of Mottram-in-Longdendale (which is on the edge of it).

His front room, strawberry-distempered and full of elderly furniture, is his sitting-room; his back room is his studio.Lord Duveen (1869-1939), perhaps the most celebrated art dealer of his time, funded, organised and financed the British Artists Exhibitions for the benefit of native British art. BRITISH ARTISTS EXHIBITIONS INAUGRATION AT LEEDS (FROM OUR ART CRITIC) LEEDS, MARCH 17 As the first fruits of what is almost certain to be knows as the Duveen scheme for the benefit of native art the British Artists Exhibition at the Leeds City Art Gallery has an interest beyond that of the works themselves.Sir William Orpen was chairman of the selection committee and among those whose work was on show was Harold Knight, Ivon Hitchens, Ben Nicholson and L. From the general character of the exhibition it seems evident that of all the objects included in the scheme that of an extended market for native artists who, with a certain standard of accomplishment, have not yet found popularity is the one most likely to be fulfilled.The reason for this is probably that the selection committee under the chairmanship of Sir William Orpen, is composed of eminent artists representing the right, centre and left of contemporary artistic opinion, thus assuring sympathetic as well as critical consideration of every kind of effort.We are told that 1,400 works in all were submitted, and the nature and kind of the 345 that remain show the judging was as broad as it was careful.

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