Who is cate blanchett dating

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Just to give you an idea how bad things are, in Tasmania, homosexuality only became legal in 1997 .

And there's huge community discrimination; a survey by the government of Victoria found that 85 percent of all LGBT people had experienced harassment or abuse.

Blanchett, as I'm sure many newspapers will remind you, is married to a man, and has been since 1997. It is fairly clear from that fact that her attraction to women, contrary to popular assumption, hasn't set up her relationship for ultimate doom because of her insatiable lust.

Bisexual and both-gender-attracted people, aside from the stereotype of "greediness," are often viewed warily as longterm partners because their faithfulness is in doubt.

Also, considering that Ellen Degeneres' sitcom was cancelled in 1998 after she came out as gay, it's not as if Blanchett was entering the profession at an LGBT-friendly time.

Her casual reveal shows just how much things have changed since then — and thank heavens for that.

Any addition to that list of rare birds, the best of the best of their highly visible and culturally visible profession, is an excuse for personal happiness.

If anybody rudely wonders whether my marriage is going to last I can just shove her and her beautiful cheekbones in their faces and watch them shut the hell up.

For all the gay-friendliness of Sydney and Melbourne, we're not exactly a shining beacon for gay rights.

Anybody who steps into the breach in this sort of environment is going to be met with a round of applause by me.

LGBT or same-sex relationship-acknwowledging winners of Oscars are few and far between.

Sir Elton John, Jodie Foster, Dustin Lance Black, Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Angelina Jolie, Melissa Etheridge — and that's where the list kind of stops.

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