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Fed up with Sheryl`s arrest, Alto, the rising star Ranka, and various members of Frontier`s military team up to bust her out, and eliminate the still present Vajra threat.Unfortunately, Grace`s body is brought back by Leon, thinking he still has a use for her.C'est sur ce mega vaisseau colonisateur que dbarque la mga star Sherryl Nome pour s'y produire en concert.Alto, jeune lve pilote de l'acadmie, offre deux place son amie Ranka, grande fan de la chanteuse.Words cannot describe how let down I was by this movie.

This movie, though, managed to get me to delete it as soon as the credits hit. *SPOILERS FOR MACROSS FRONTIER, THIS MOVIE, AND THE PREVIOUS MOVIE.

Alors que toute l'attention de la colonie est tourne vers le concert-vnement, une forme de vie extra-terrestre se manifeste non loin de l et menace la quitude des colons...

TITRE ORIGINAL : Gekijouban Macross Frontier - Itsuwari no Utahime ANNE DE PRODUCTION : 2009 STUDIOS : [SATELIGHT] [BIG WEST] GENRES : [CYBER & MECHA] [ESPACE & SCI-FICTION] AUTEURS : [KAWAMORI SHOJI] [STUDIO NUE] TYPE & DURE : 1 FILM 120 mins -Porcorosso34- Source: Animeka Note : Pour le film de la Anime-Heart il s'agit d'une rdition des films Macross F, version nomme "d Shudisuta b".

So, with the final installment to this 2-part ambitious project, did they put off a stellar farewell performance, or did they come crashing down into the crevasses of forgotten stardom.? STORY: 8/10 Your enjoyment of the story comes down to how much you can handle all of the many twists and hidden agendas this movie throws at you.

It rivals Code Geass R2 in the amount of those present here.

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