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Indeed the government too recognizes the importance of male participation in child rearing which is why Sweden was one of the first countries in the world to replace maternity leave with parental leave in 1974.In fact, present Swedish laws not only offer a generous, fully-paid thirteen-month parental leave upon the birth of children but actually reserve three months of it exclusively for the fathers.Located in the breathtaking landscape of Scandinavia, Sweden is not only a technologically advanced country but also one of the highest ranking nations in the human development index.However certain aspects of social interactions may seem difficult for foreigners to understand.On the plus side you can look forward to being pampered on a date by your Swedish girlfriend.Going Dutch is not really seen in Sweden as a sign of male parsimony and by large, Swedish women are perfectly comfortable with the convention.However this is not really a sign of their unresponsive nature but a measure of their level-headedness.Swedish women are rather shy of demonstrating how they feel and would much rather keep their emotions to themselves.

Most Swedes are well-educated and they are among the most liberal people in the world.Strong belief in gender equality Above all if you are planning to settle down with your Swedish girlfriend, make sure that you know how to wield a broom and whip up a meal.Since gender equality is something that all Swedes grow up with, women here expect their male partners to shoulder equal responsibilities at home.They like to take it slow Yet another aspect of Swedish women which makes for slow dating is their cautious natures.They like to be sure not only of the sincerity of their own emotions but also of their partner before settling down to exclusive dating.

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