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ALL WORK IS DONATED AND NO ONE RECEIVES ANY SALARY. Spreads, Sanity Assassins, Cards In Spokes, Joey neers of Punk — X-Ray Specs", Chiapas article. No Fraud, Nobodys, Sloppy Sec- out Boys, "Pioneers of Punk— Black Flag". Cretin 66, Fishsticks, UK Subs, oneers of Punk— Adverts". Distemper, Enewetak, Fields Of Shit, "Roots of Punk— SLF, Undertones". For such workers there are two basic choices: one is to just accept the decline in liv- ing standards; the other is to supplement that income in some way, by getting another job or working more overtime.

While shooting her audition video she discovered that the ABC2 video game review show Good Game was also looking for a presenter.

Bendixsen was approached by the ABC for the Good Game presenter role after auditioning for the role of a judge on ABC 3's talent search Me on 3.

ALL PROCEEDS ARE EITHER INVESTED IN TECHNOLOGICAL IMPROVEMENTS OR GO TO OTHER SIMILARLY NOT-FOR-PROFIT PROJECTS. In short, most people are working harder than ever just to stay where they were 25 years ago.

ANYONE IS WELCOME TO REPRINT ANYTHING FROM MRR, BUT ONLY IF IT'S NOT-FOR-PROFIT. The issue of overtime, in fact, provides us with some insight into just what it is that might be considered "new" about the "new economy." According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the concept of overtime means time-and-a-half pay for every hour per week over 40.

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